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Pro Tips to be a Productive Stoner

Smoke weed the Right Way … Smokin’s Healthy !

The Right Way !

Alright, so this is a big one.If you are not an experienced weed smoker, you gotta start small.You can’t just hit a bong full of indica midday & expect to tackle your email inbox. I mean… I can do that (haha), but that’s not for the lightweights.

You can read all about indica vs. sativa here (along with ways to smoke), but to sum it up for ya: Indica means = in da bed. It doesn’t mean you will be fully couch locked, but it does chill you out big time. I don’t ever smoke a full indica cause it does make me a tad too lazy. Sativa is the Adderahl of weed (is that kosher to say?). I never smoke a full sativa cause it gives me severe anxiety.

I am a hybrid girl, & I like my hybrids to be indica dominant. It’s the perfect amount of focus & calmness, without any weird anxiety. As far as how to smoke it- vaporizers are great for the productive stoner. They don’t get you too high, they are light on the lungs, & they don’t smell. Also, a pipe is great & a few tokes of a joint never hurt anyone. Stay away from the dabs (never tried it personally) or the bong. That will get you way too high..


Always get ready for your Day

Don’t wake & bake, please people. Get your day started FIRST. Take a shower, do your hair, put on clothes & get your shit together. If you smoke first thing in the morning, those things can easily get forgotten about.

Not because you’re way too stoned to get dressed, but because when you smoke… you can easily get sucked into a task & beforeyou know it, it’s 2pm & you’re still in your pajamas.

Have a Starting Time

Now that you’re all dolled up & ready, have a starting time for when you’re gonna smoke.Weed is not addictive, it’s not the “devils lettuce”, & if you smoke in the morning… it doesn’t mean you have a problem. When I can’t get started or am feeling unmotivated, a hit at 12pm only helps me get into that work mode. Not three hits, not five, just one.

I retract my above statement slightly, five hits in the morning on a Monday is kind of a problem.OR, you can be more of a 4:20 smoker like me, starting towards the end of your day. I work for myself, so typically during the day I do errands & then I come home, smoke, & buckle down in front of the computer.

Stay Organized

To do lists are a stoners best friend, & use your calendar so you don’t forget any important meetings. I am OCD so I never forget anything, but if you’re smoking weed… it’s nice to make sure you stay on track with your day.You can easily smoke weed & zone into one task TOO much. So a to-do list keeps you accountable of the tasks that need to be tackled! I love a written to-do list & try to set one up each night before I go to bed so I am ready for the next day..

Get Active

I know, you’d think WEED & EXERCISE don’t go hand in hand, but they really do. I actually want to do a full post on smoking weed & working out… it’s just that good. Again, moderation. Don’t smoke a full joint & hit the treadmill, but a hit of weed can actually enhance your workout. It gets you, again, in the zone.

For example: I hate the rower in Orange Theory. It’s repetitive & stresses me out. When I smoke & am on the rower, I can really focus on rowing the RIGHT way to get my abs activated & the time flies on that rower. 

Rumor even has it cannabis friendly gyms will soon be a thing… & when they hit San Diego, I will 100% be signing up thank you very much. Also, if you’re like me & have an injury, weed can help soothe the pain & makes working out easier. I have a low back issue that plagues me, & the physical therapist said I just need to strengthen my core. BUT working out hurts my low back, although I know it’s helping my low back at the same time.

Smoking before a workout eases that pain & makes it easier for me to actually build up that core strength. If you’re smoking before a workout, go easy on the lungs & use a vaporizer.



Lazy stoners exist, they always do. Don’t hang out with them. Zack smokes, I smoke, our friends smoke, my family smokes, & we are all BOSSY AF. I swear, not being cocky, I surround myself with functioning stoners & they keep me a functioning stoner too!

Let me Know your Thoughts

LRIGHT guys. There you have it. All my tips for smoking weed like a boss, while being a boss. If you have any fun tips for staying productive while smoking the flower… share below & if you have any questions. LET ME KNOW. I am happy to answer


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